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Change is subject to Change

Just hold on and enjoy the ride! ^_^

A hazel-eyed fae in a human shell.
6 November 1981
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I'm me. I'm re-discovering me. I will always be me. And that's a blessing in itself, no matter how bad life can get for me. ^_^

You are a very special anomaly, somebody who has the capacity to give and give and give and who takes so very little to recharge her batteries to be able to give and give more. I find myself worrying about you giving kidneys and organs to various strangers you meet, and I'm pretty sure on the day you are lying in the hospital, your last breath might well be, "I'm sorry I didn't finish...."

I'm exceedingly happy you are part of this world. Take care of yourself girl, and have a fantastic birthday.


It's never too late. You can't screw up so badly that God can’t find something worth building in the wreckage, that Life can’t assert its return when it is time. -Barbara Crafton

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Funny World
He told me about Jesus & Arizona & the best way to make beer & I said you're a funny kind of preacher & he said it's a funny kind of world & I still remember his eyes clear as a desert morning.

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It's okay
No one will hate me
I'm human too
Rest is good
It's okay
Breathe - frieliegh

Re: notes from the photographer...
One of the things that I learned from this whole thing is not only that "weird" is subjective, but also that we all stereotype people based on visual clues and various identifiers, it's unavoidable, though we can be aware of it. Sometimes our stereotypes are accurate, sometimes they're not. I walked into that portrait with some preconceived notions about what a guy who would want to be in a photo with a gun and a bible would be and left realizing that I had been wrong -- my mental image didn't fit the reality. Which was a good thing, because it made me start to wonder why I think the way I do about everything, not just people with guns.

It's interesting to see what photos people pick out as being the stand-out "strange" ones based on who they are & where they live. Around here, nobody looks twice at someone with pink hair, but you put a deer head on your wall and people look askance -- drive 200 miles west and that's probably reversed.
- kylecassidy